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A Night with Esther

by "Oils Overflowing with LaurieAnn"

Welcome to a night of a time of pampering, preparation and purpose!

“Women want to feel spiritual in their bodies, attractive to those around them, and to nurture and encourage the people they care about. Our past is not our destiny… Learn from the life of Esther how to radiate beauty from the inside out. 

Experience the extravagant essences of the past, as well as personal care products resulting from the most recent scientific research, all in a cozy environment with women who want what is best for their families and communities.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman whose soul is on fire!”

FEATURING: Skin Care products and Savvy Minerals Cosmetics. It's Play-and-Learn Time with yummy products and essences ! 
This event will be repeated Thursday August 30 at "All About Cha", Broken Arrow.

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