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Saturday August 25th, 8:30am - 11:00am - Author Lineup

Click on a name to learn more about your favorite local author.

This was a GREAT event - Check for for another soon!


Bob Mueller is a teller of stories that sound like thrillers in his head. He puts himself in someone else’s shoes, teases out their feelings, blends that with bits and pieces of history and life experience, and crafts a story that might have been inspired by a song or a news story. But it’s about emotions in the end.


Bob is a member of International Thriller Writers, Tulsa NightWriters and Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, a father of eight, and a pastor’s husband.


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As a way of an introduction, let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a small farm town in Oklahoma, spent a few years living in California, then Texas while my hubby was in the Marine Corps and we’re now “back home.” We’re (sadly) down to 1 Labrador and 3 cats, all of whom think they need to help me write. Favorite vacation spot is anywhere Alaska (no big surprise there to anyone who knows me) and I’m a motorcycle momma with a “slightly” warped sense of humor.

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Tammy Mullins has been a contributing author and editor of several textbooks for legal support staff. She is active in her local church community and resides in Owasso/Collinsville, Oklahoma, with her four children, including Preston.

Tammy’s books are published through Tate Publishing, a mainline publishing house dedicated to working with aspiring authors and giving their books the best chance in the marketplace. 

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Donna is a resident of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She lived in Tulsa during her school years. She was a Child Development Specialist with the Oklahoma State Department of Health. prior to becoming a fulltime writer. Gardening, writing, spending time with her grandchildren and travel are her favorite activities.


Donna’s fiction book, HER DYING MESSAGE, is the sixth in a series featuring Sheriff Lexie Wolfe. 


Her fiction has won awards at the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Conference and in the Writer’s Digest National Writing Contest. She is a member of Tulsa NightWriters, Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, and Mystery Writers of America.


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The Shake Up is a self-help book written by me. (Yay!) It’s filled with stories, discussion, and daily activities to help you find your path to happiness. I was inspired to write this book as I figured out how to follow my own path and realized I wanted so very much to help others do the same. My goal with this book as it is with all of my coaching products is to help you be the best you possible.

There is a wide range of stories in The Shake Up. Some of them are pulled directly from my life experiences. Others are completely made up. In most cases I don’t tell you which ones are which, but you’ll know when it’s me telling you about yet another new mistake I made. Whether real or fictional, the stories are meant to get you thinking about your interactions with your community, your personal goals, and your life path.

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Rae Neal was born and raised in Cushing, Oklahoma. As an ordained minister for 37 years, life took her far from her small-town roots to pastor churches in Spain; launch and teach in Victory Bible Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia; to work as a missionary in Costa Rica, Slovakia, Guatemala, England and other countries. She and her husband, Terry, live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Rae pastors a small church and continues to write. Her free-verse poetry has won several awards in International Christian Writers contests. She is published in the Tulsa Nightwriters’ book, The Rivers of Life; a Chapbook titled Expressions of Gratitude by the Fellowship of Christian Writers of Tulsa. Her first book, Midnight Melodies: From the Seas and Rivers of Life, was published October 29, 2014. Her second book, Daylight Melodies, is due to be published in the fall of 2018.


Earlene lives on beautiful Lake Hudson near Adair. She considers herself a 'late bloomer.' She started college at age 52; graduating with a nursing degree at 56. One item on Earlene's overflowing bucket list was to write a book and get it published. And she did! Her childhood, which was very 'Tom Sawyer-ish' is the topic of her first book. The family lived high in the Rocky Mts. of Colorado and the Cascade Mts. of Washington State where her father worked as a logger. Rock piles, sawdust piles and icy-cold mountain streams were playgrounds for Earlene and her two brothers. Earlene states, "It was a joy to remember and write about those times."

Earlene has been active with Child Evangelism Fellowship since 1971. She loves teaching children and training other children's workers.  She and her husband are planning a third trip to Central America this fall to work with Living Water International. He will help drill a water well; she will teach hygiene and Bible stories.

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